Winterfest Recap- Day 3

Winterfest Recap- Day 3

Katie Wertheimer

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC-  Day three of Winterfest worked to emphasize the importance of faith in life at LMC, as it fell on Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the Lenten season for the Catholic Church. Today, the student body brought out their Sunday’s best as they went to mass in the morning.

On this special day in the church calendar, all the parishioners in mass also receive ashes on their forehead to represent their origin and end as Catholics. It was also a day of abstinence where eating meat is prohibited and a day of fasting for all Catholics over the age of 18. 

Today, the point system to tally the amount of spirit shown by each class kept going, working towards the goal of winning the “Spirit Wheel” at the end of the week.. Members of the Junior Counsel tallied the amount of participants in each class and added it to their total. 

Currently, the junior class is in the lead, but it is still anyone’s game as the Lakers slip into the fourth day of Winterfest. Tomorrow, the dress up day revolves around this year’s theme “movies” and everyone is excited to show their stuff and work to rack up some more points.


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