Winterfest Recap- Day 2


Katie Wertheimer

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- Day two was another success for LMC’s Winterfest Week. Considering the day fell on Mardi Gra, A.K.A “Fat Tuesday”, it was very appropriate that the festivities began with a cereal breakfast put on by LMC’s Key Club.

 The middle and high school students all gathered in the cafeteria to partake in the goods containing all different flavors of cereal, accompanied with juice and muffins. Along with the fun at breakfast, the wardrobe of the Lakers brought in lots of laughs as well. 

Today’s dress up day was entitled “Country v.s. Country Club”. This is where the students and teachers select a side and dress accordingly. Half of the highschool selected “Country” and filled the halls with boots and flannels, while the rest chose “country club”, ready to hit the tennis courts.

Today was also the first day that a new rule at LMC went into play: a point system to decide who gets the coveted “Spirit Wheel” at the end of the week to award the class that showed the most school spirit. The elected officials of the Junior Class tallied the amount of students who participated in each class and will continue to count until the pep rally when the award is given out.