Winterfest Recap: Day 1


Katie Wertheimer

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- Winterfest got off to a festive start for the Laker’s this week, beginning on Friday, February 21 where the high school student body decorated their hallway with their assigned theme. Each class was asked to pick a genre of movie and a specific movie they felt represented their genre well to inspire their hallway decorations.

This year, the freshman selected superhero movies (Avengers), the sophomores picked musicals (Grease), the Juniors chose Science-Fiction (Space Jam), and the seniors brought it home with classic movies ( Wizard of Oz). To see some pictures of this year’s hallways, check out this week’s segment of Laker Vision: Winterfest Edition, featured in the “Weekly Recap”.

Next, Winterfest Week really kicked off on Monday, February 24, on Student-teacher Switch Day where the students and teachers dressed up as each other, leaving multiple versions of teachers roaming the halls. 

To finish the day and really get everyone ready for this week’s festivities, the Junior Class planned an ice skating day for the high school. The group loaded onto buses and took a trip down to the Garden Ice Arena in Stevensville for the last half of the day, making everyone excited for the rest of the week.