Coronavirus Breakout


Darby McLoughlin

China- The Coronavirus outbreak started in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China.  There are more than twenty thousand cases in China with over five hundred and sixty deaths.  With forty five cases in japan, twelve in the United States and many other cases throughout the world. 

 It is believed to have come from bats, the virus supposedly “jumps” to humans from the infected bats.  The starting symptoms of the Coronavirus are fever, cough, runny nose, headache, sore throat, chest pain, and shortness of breath, which can evolve into pneumonia in both lungs.  These symptoms can start to show between two to fourteen days after the virus sets in.  

The Coronavirus can spread through the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes, through close personal contact, and touching a surface with the virus on it and touching the mouth, nose, and eyes.  It can even, very rarely, spread through feces. 

There have been a total of one thousand three hundred and eighty seven people who have recovered from the Coronavirus throughout the world.  This sparks hope in hearts around the world as people fight against the virus and for their lives. There have also been less cases per day of the virus sense February fifth.  Therefore people have come to believe that there is a way to fight against this infection.