NBA Commissioner Dies at Age 77

NBA Commissioner Dies at Age 77

Diego Nerio

UNITED STATES– On Wednesday, January 1st, former NBA Commissioner David Stern died at age 77 from a brain hemorrhage that he had been terminally suffering from for three weeks..

On December 12th, the NBA said that Stern had suffered a sudden brain hemorrhage and had not been conscious since the incident. His wife Dianne and their family were with him at his bedside.

Stern made a very positive impact on the NBA. While graduating from Columbia Law School in New York, he became a skilled negotiator and served many cases with the NBA in 1966. He became the NBA’s very first general counsel in 1978  and was later promoted to Vice President which was in charge of the business legal affairs. 

In 1984, he became the fourth NBA commissioner after replacing Larry O’brien. When he became the commissioner, television revenue was low and several franchises were in a drought which meant he had to waste time.

Since then he’s increased the players salary cap from 3.6 million to just under 59 million. Furthermore, the television revenue jumped from around 22 million to about 930 million dollars.  

His death has been heard all around the world because his impact was so large, everyone knows what he did and what he has accomplished.

NBA teams will be wearing black bands on their jerseys in order to honor him and his family. The NBA will honor him for the rest of the 2019-2020 regular and postseason.