The Lakers Take on New Buffalo


Katie Wertheimer

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- Thursday, January 9, both girls varsity basketball teams, JV and Varsity, took on New Buffalo in two very tight games. The JV team took the win in overtime with a score of 46-42, while the Varsity girls held on tight before losing by 9 points, 49-40. 

The starting lineup for the Junior Varsity team consisted of Juniors Celeste Herrera and Wendy You, Sophomore Chloe Mills, and Freshmen Cristina Avello and Alexis Wilson.

The played consistently for most of the game despite a slow start for the Lakers. Although it was close, the Lady Lakers went into the second half with some catching up to do. 

Fortunately for the home team, the girls came out of half time fighting. When the final buzzer went off, they were tied with a score of 40 and went into overtime. 

Sophomore, Chloe Mills, was very happy with their game and how they were able to catch up and take the win. 

“It was a tough game but we came in with some changes that paid off and made the win possible. We caught onto their strategy and threw in a new play that lead to our success.”

Within their last four minutes, the Lakers put on their game faces and made several baskets, taking home the victory.  After the successful start from the JV team, Varsity was determined and ready to fight. 

The lakers scored first with a free throw while both teams fought to raise the score. Although they did not easily allow their opponents to score, the Lakers were fairly low after halftime, but quickly started to get pumped up and played stronger in the second half.

The starting line up for the Varsity team consisted of Seniors Elena Proos, Hayden Starr, and Emily Lage, Junior Maggie Tidey, and Sophomore Claire LaSata. Although these five girls and the rest of the roster made it a close game, they were not able to pull ahead and lost to New Buffalo.

Senior Hayden Starr wasn’t thrilled with the outcome but was happy with their playing for the second half.

“We really came together in the second half. This allowed us to keep steady with them in the second half and put up a good fight. We definitely didn’t give up ” 

Regardless of the scores, the Lady Lakers have made it clear that they will continue to fight for the remainder of their season to finish strong.