Media Bay Under Construction, What’s the Plan?


Melanie Kibler

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL – When high school students returned from break, they found they had been evicted from the Media Bay with very little explanation as to why.  They were simply told that “the media bay was under construction.”

Mr. White has said that he was waiting for the payment confirmation before revealing his plan to the students.  On January 8th, a letter from Sam and Conni Monte  came in confirming their sizable donation and allowing Mr. White’s plan to be available to the public.

The main idea is to turn the room from Media Bay to Global Trade Finance Lab.  This is something that Mr. White has done in his past school. If successful in the near future,  it could lead to a way to get a free associate degree.

The room itself has to go through many changes before it can officially be the Finance Lab.  It needs a floor change, new paint, different chairs, and more desks. Besides just updating the room, the plan is also to add windows where the cabinets are and make the already existing window bigger and not sliding.

In terms of electronics, new windows and ten  computers are going to be added. There is also 65in monitors that are going to be installed on the walls, along with a stock ticker and a wall of clocks each with a different time zone.

With this Global Trade Finance Lab comes a $15,000 software that allows for a new program of teaching.  Teachers can send a lesson home for the kids to do and then when they come to school they can put it to practical use.

For example, let’s say the economics class is learning about bonds.  They will watch a video at home explaining what they are and how they are traded.  Once they come to class, the monitors will show stocks related to their lesson. The students then have the opportunity to “trade” stocks and use hands on learning to figure out what would make the most money.

The class has a leaderboard running along the monitor and it shows who has made the most money.  This inspires a natural pull for students to work together and come up with solutions on how to make money.  The idea is that the teacher will be there to help, but ultimately the students run the class. Mr. White plans to bring in these new financial classes starting in the fall.  

However, this is not the end of Mr. White’s plan for the Global Trade Financial Lab.  He also sees it as a way to make money for the school over the summer.

The idea is to offer market challenge classes in the summer to kids from all over the area.  Through this summer camp, kids can compete with students from all over the world and learn a bit about finance and technology (using the STREAM Lab).  

Not only is this a meaningful summer camp, but it also allows kids from public schools to see what LMC is like.  The plan is by doing this enrolment will increase because people who might not have stepped foot in LMC have a chance to see these cool new programs.

Mr. White is going to start slow with two or three business classes next year, but plans for the Financial Lab to be used five periods a day.  In the future, he also wants to improve the science lab and change most of the classrooms to a similar style as the Financial Lab.

Under Mr. White’s direction it seems like LMC is in for some big changes, all for the better.