Mr. Jarvie Through Years Of LMC


Chloe Simmons

Lake Michigan Catholic has been blessed to have Mr. Joe Jarvie as a band instructor, girl’s basketball coach, colleague, and friend for 38 years. I’ve known Mr. Jarvie since my first year at the school, and it is no secret that Mr. Jarvie is one of a kind. He is an amazing teacher that makes everyone feel good after talking with him. 

Before Joe Jarvie started working at Lake Michigan Catholic, he developed a love for music education and performance. As a high school student, Jarvie described himself as “lazy student who enjoyed band class very well.” 

As Jarvie began to get more and more interested in music, he practiced his tuba and became very good at playing. His friends and him developed a small jazz band and ended up performing for many places and areas. 

Jarvie took his love for music with him as he went to college and ended up getting a degree in music education at Western Michigan University and minored in musical performance. 

Mr. Jarvie has worked at LMC for 38 years and now plans to retire after December 17th, 2019. Mr. Jarvie started working at Lake Michigan Catholic in the fall of 1982. He explained his first reactions to getting the job as scary. Much to the surprise of many students, alumni, and staff at LMC, he was not a natural at being in front of people and was scared of being in front during football game performances and concerts. 

In many circumstances, those who get a job often find a moment when they realized they made the right choice of getting a job where they are. Jarvie’s moment of truth was after his first band performance at a football game in the fall of 1982. He explained how the principal during that time did not expect the band to play due to the bad shape it was in before Jarvie came. Jarvie remembers the principal being so excited to see the band play. 

After Mr. Jarvie retires, he plans to go up north and farm. His grandparents were farmers and he would like to pursue what he believes he was born into. Everyone who knows Joe Jarvie knows how much of a caring person he is. He not only plans to farm; he also plans to volunteer at organizations to better help others in need. 

Mr. Jarvie is a blessing that has helped Lake Michigan Catolic in many ways. His energy and liveliness has helped students, teachers, and faculty to lighten their mood when he walks in a room.  All of Lake Michigan Catholic wishes Mr. Jarvie the best retirement life and his extraordinary classes and performances.