A Different Show Every Night! LMC Drama Club Presents… A Night Of One Acts & Improv- Take Two

A Different Show Every Night! LMC Drama Club Presents… A Night Of One Acts & Improv- Take Two

Sarah Jannings

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- Looking for something to do this upcoming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday? Well, you’re in luck, as Laker Drama puts on their second weekend of A Night of One Acts and Improv- Take Two. The Laker Drama Club has been working diligently to put on an excellent show for their audiences each night. 

They debuted their first three performance on November 15th through the 17th and will continue to show off their love of acting in their next three performances November 22nd through 24th at the LMC Elementary School Auditorium. This year, the drama club is doing a performance that is a bit different than their previous plays. 

To open the night, the Improv Performers (Hannah Hysell, Ben Johnston, Melanie Kibler, Amelia Lewis, JoJo Marsh, Izzy Schrauben, Brady Warner, and Matt Warner) come out onto the stage to welcome their audience for the evening and start them off with one of their improv games. Directors, Marty and Wendy Golob, announce the improv games in which they choose from either a game of Gibberish, Freeze, 60-30-15, What are you doing?, Lonely and Afraid, and Party Quirks. 

Once the actors and audience know what game they are playing, the selected improv team members begin to ask the members of the audience questions based off the context of the game. Naturally, this changes every night as the audience responses vary which means it really is a different show every night! 

Filled with many laughs and acting performances that even make some fall out of their seats, the improv games in between each official One Act keep the show lively and entertaining for the audience. Beyond the improv games, the Laker Drama Act performers put on a total of four One Acts throughout the show. 

He Said and She Said and Fourteen by Alice Gerstenberg, along with The Game by Louise Bryant, and The Still Alarm by George S. Kaufman are breathtaking, as the performers have put in a noticeable amount of time and effort to remember their numerous lines. Each actor/actress plays an important role in the production of each scene and while demonstrating great dramatic expressions, each One Act will keep you wondering what is going to happen next. 

Senior, Ben Johnston, who is apart of the improv crew and has been a member of the Laker Drama Club for the past five years stated, “Prepare for a great show! We’ve been working hard on the one acts for months. With improv, it’s a new show every night, and we don’t even know what to expect. Anything is possible.” 

This year’s play is full of drama, laughter, and many life lessons. You truly won’t know what to expect unless you go out and see the show for yourself! Tickets are only $5 for students and seniors and $10 for adults, so go out and support the Laker Drama Club as they present their final three performance of A Night of One Acts and Improv- Take Two this weekend! 

The performances will be on Friday and Saturday at 7:30 pm and Sunday at 2:30 pm. It will truly be a show you’ll never forget!