A Tough Loss to a Well-Fought Season

Darby McLoughlin

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The Lake Michigan Catholic High School girls volleyball team went to districts this past Monday on November 4th.  The girls played against New Buffalo at River Valley High School. The girls played three sets, or matches, against New Buffalo, sadly losing all three sets.  The first set was twenty to twenty-five, the second set was twenty-four to twenty-six, and the third set was eleven to twenty-five. Although the girls lost, they played well and they worked hard throughout their entire season. 

According to sophomore, Chloe Mills, there were two really good plays, one in the first set, and one in the third.  In the first set, senior, Elena Proos had a really nice dig or recieve off a girl’s hit and junior, Hattie Latham popped it up to senior, Emily Lage and she slammed it down.  In the third set, junior, Jenna Cutter dug it right as it came over the net, Proos stepped in to get the ball, and then Lage pushed the ball towards the corner. 

Furthermore,  when asked about the success of their season, Mills said,  “I think the season was good. We started off ok, but we kept increasing our skills as each practice went by.  Even though we have two players that have never played before, I think we can beat those teams next year.” Even though the girls lost, they fought hard and are determined to come out on top next year. Congratulations to the girls Varsity volleyball team on a great season!