Competitive Cheer Season Start Up

Competitive Cheer Season Start Up

Chloe Simmons

The Lake Michigan Catholic Cheer Team is on the rise! The sideline cheerleading season sadly ended on Friday October 25th. However, the competitive cheerleaders and coaches are excited for the competitive season to start. 

Competitive cheer practices start on November 11th and today is the first day of competitive cheer practices. 

Last season, the cheer team was incredibly gifted and hardworking as they beat all the division four teams with only one loss at second place. This year, the team hopes to accomplish more than first place wins. 

At the competitive sign ups, coach Josh Fairbanks made it known to the nine girls that the goal for this year is far more than it was last year. This years LMC Competitive Cheer Team plans on working their way for a Conference win, District title and becoming a state qualifying team. 

With strength workouts, stretching, and conditioning, the senior leaders on the cheer team have already started working hard to get in shape for the knee-deep, energetic, and vigorous goals for the season. 

Katie Wertheimer and Alexis Braley have started conditioning with runs around St Joseph beach and downtown. Ashley Herrera stretches everyday to improve her skills as a flyer. 

When asking what makes Katie most excited for the competitive season, she responded, “The thought of how far we can go and the dedication to hit our peak performance potential for my last season of cheer.” 

Head coach, Josh Fairbanks, explained his excitement as well; “I’m excited to see the culmination of all the hard work our junior, and seniors have put into their cheer careers here at LMC. Every failure and success has led us to this point. It’s going to be a special season.” 

This team is determined to become a hard fought team with wins like no other. Don’t forget to come to some of the LMC competitive cheer competitions starting the first week of December. This cheer season is going to be special.