The Latest on Trump’s Impeachment Injury


Sarah Jannings

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA- For months now, Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives have either supported or opposed a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. According to The Hill, Fifty percent said they want Trump to be impeached and removed from office, compared to 43 percent who said they did not feel that way. Seven percent had no opinion (Campisi). 

 Almost half — 49 percent — also said Trump wrongly used his position in the White House to try to gain dirt on a political rival. 

Sophomore, Claire LaSata, disagrees with that particular 49 percent as she stated, “I don’t think Trump was trying to gain dirt on his political rival Joe Biden. I just think he wanted the President of Ukraine to look into the suspicious activity of Hunter Biden, who was on the board of Burisma Holdings, which is a major Ukrainian natural gas producer.”

In light of recent events, as of October 23, at 12:50pm, a group of House Republicans led by Republician Representative, Matt Gaetz of Florida, barged into a secure room at the Capitol temporarily shutting down the proceedings where the latest witness in the Democrat-led impeachment inquiry, Laura Cooper, the Pentagon official who oversees Ukraine policy, was set to testify.

The lawmakers had planned to ask Cooper for her thoughts about the White House’s decision to withhold military aid for several months over the summer. However, this was put on hold as the conservatives who distributed this process were not on the committees of jurisdiction and were not supposed to be present during this closed-door deposition. 

LaSata feels differently about the conservatives who barged into the secure room as she stated, “The conservatives should also have the right to be able to have a say on the impeachment of the President. Congress is elected to represent the people in their area and to represent the American people. Not allowing other Congressmen and Congresswomen to at least sit there and listen should not be allowed because they are representing the people in their area.” 

Junior, Jake Jozwiak, feels similarly as he stated, “You can’t just not include people in a matter as important as an impeachment.”

According to The Washington Post, “The protest was part of a Republican effort to change the narrative from the substance of the allegations against Trump to complaints about the process. Republicans have accused Democrats of trying to conduct a secretive takedown of the president by investigating behind closed doors; Democrats say, however, that they will open up the process for public hearings in a matter of weeks after they conduct their investigation” (Wagner).

While staying up to date on the new media revolving around Trump’s entire impeachment injury process, Jozwiak believes, “I don’t think Trump is going to get impeached. The only reason people are trying to say that he will is to gain attention and push their political campaign. There’s no point in trying to impeach him; he’s better than what everyone gives him credit for, no other president has ever taken this much fire and backlash from the media in the history of any politician ever. The fact that they’re just trying to impeach him means people don’t understand the process that goes behind impeaching a president, as it has only happened twice in the United States history with Nixon and Clinton. 

In conclusion, more information about Trump’s impeachment process is being broadcasted in the news daily, so make sure to stay up to date about what exactly is going on in Washington.


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