Trick-or-Treating is Actually a Great Thing For Kids and Here’s Why


Melanie Kibler

Every year at Halloween cautious parents worry that Trick-or-Treating could be dangerous for their children, when in reality it can help their children in a multitude of ways.



Ok, I’ll be honest, the first way doesn’t help the kids in any way except increasing their happiness: they get candy. Now many parents want their children to eat healthier and that is a good thing, but will one night really hurt them? The answer is no.  Most candy bars are “fun sized” anyway, (meaning tiny and not all that fun) so there is already less sugar.  

Another point  parents try to argue is that their kid’s candy could be poisoned.  The problem with this argument is that most claims of “candy tampering” are urban legends.  In fact, these urban legends mainly stem from a single man, Ronald O’Bryan, who poisoned his son, and attempted to poison his son’s friends, with cyanide laced pixie sticks.  His goal wasn’t to kill innocent Trick-or-Treaters, but rather to get insurance money from his son’s death. 

While the “Candyman” murder was gruesome and tragic, parents need not worry that this will happen to their kids.  Also, let’s be honest, it’s easy to see if candy has been tampered with. If the seal is broken, don’t eat it.

Still not convinced? Sociologists and criminal justice experts, Joel Best and Gerald T. Horiuchi, conducted an extensive study on what they call “Halloween sadism” or crimes committed specifically using Halloween treats and customs. In the end, they concluded that the threat is “greatly exaggerated” and that “many, if not most, reports of Halloween sadism are of questionable authenticity” (


Inspires Creativity and Imagination

Costumes in both the making and the wearing inspire a child’s creativity and imagination.  Many kids help their parents with the creation of their costume. This could include physically sewing and/or hot gluing.  It could also just be helping their parents to find items at a thrift shop. Even if they are just helping with the shopping, the “thrill of the hunt” motivates  kids to dig into their imagination.  

Wearing the costumes also inspires imagination.  Halloween is the one day in the year when kids can dress up and be something else completely different.


Gets Kids Out of the House/Exercise

Let’s be honest these days kids spend most of their time sitting in front of either a computer or movie screen.  Getting outside and getting a little fresh air is could for both their mental and physical health. 

Science has proven that people who spend more time outside generally rate themselves happier than folks who don’t and that being outside also seems to keep people  feeling younger. There doesn’t seem to be a downside to going out, except maybe when it is cold.

I understand that we live in the Midwest and that it gets cold mid-October, but the experience is worth getting a little chilled.

Also, Trick-or-Treating is great exercise.  Have you ever seen a child who wants candy? If you haven’t, trust me, on Halloween night kids can be seen sprinting back and forth between houses searching for sugary treats.

If you are worried about someone kidnapping your child, stop that at once.  The likelihood that someone would kidnap your children on the one night when parents are the most cautious is very slim. 

Fun For Everyone

The final reason that you should go Trick-or-Treating is that it is exciting  for the whole family. How often do parents have an opportunity to spend quality time with their children?  The answer: not much. So spend the time that you can and take this spooky opportunity as a bonding moment with the kids.


In conclusion, not only is Trick-or-Treating not dangerous, it also is a lot of fun and everyone should partake.