Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Ashley Herrera

THE WORLD- As Halloween is approaching, many people haven’t had time to go shopping for a costume or just don’t have enough money for one. There are many simple and easy costumes you can make at home, and you may already have these items in your closet. 

However, when deciding to choose a costume that best fits you, there are some good ones and some not. For simple costumes, there are a variety of clothing items  that you can just pull out of your closet like a nerd, Men in Black costume, or an old married couple. 

There are even some more unique  costumes like a fruit, a plant lady, Arthur , Bob Ross, Ketchup and Mustard, Minne or Mickey Mouse, and many more. 

For a more uncomplicated costumes that are already in your closet, you can go and find a long sleeve black or white shirt and throw over graphic t-shirt on top. Along with this, girls can put their  hair into pigtails and draw on black hearts under their eyes. This costume can go with a pair of black jeans or leggings and can work for both girls and boys that want to dress up as an E-girl or E-boy. 

Some other uncomplicated costumes include  a scarecrow, the purge, and a fruit. ith these costumes, they may only require makeup, a long shirt, or something simple from your closet. With a scarecrow, you will only need pants, a flannel, and some added-on scarecrow makeup. 

With something as simple as The Purge, you can wear a white shirt and add fake blood onto it. You can also add on makeup to complete the look.. Another example is a nerd costume. All you need is to wear jeans, a simple t-shirt, glasses, and a ponytail or pigtails of your choice. Furthermore, with being a fruit, you can wear a long colored shirt of your fruit of choice. For example, if you want to be a pineapple, you can wear a yellow shirt and draw on the features of a pineapple. You can also create a headband with green leaves on top to create the pineapple look. 

As Halloween is coming there are many simple costumes you can make at home, or even if you didn’t go shopping or if you’re just too lazy to get a costume. Just look in your closet  and create something simple and easy.