What’s the Point of Trick or Treating?


Darby McLoughlin

The United States- Trick or treating happens every year on Halloween and every time there’s a dread that follows.  Trick or treating is at a point in the year that the weather is unpredictable. It could be freezing and snowing or cold and rainy or it could be a gorgeous day, but still cold at night.  When it is cold many kids could get sick easily from going outside at night. 

Many people, mostly teens and young adults, make or buy very intricate costumes to go to parties or to go trick or treating.Therefore these people don’t want to wear coats or anything to cover their costumes.  This way people will be extremely cold while going trick or treating, or just really uncomfortable if they are going to party.        

Every year there is a least one case of tainted candy.  In other words kids will get sick candy or they will be injured in the mist of or after eating their candy.   Tainted candy is candy lined with drugs, or poison, then their has also been cases of sharp objects in candy and candy wrappers.  Younger kids between the ages of five to ten are targeted with theses tainted candies.  

Also trick or treating always takes place at night when it’s dark and supposed to be creepy.  But the chances of dangerous things happening at night are higher than during the day. Little kids could easily be kidnapped while they are out going around to strangers’ houses asking for candy.  Plus some parents don’t go with their children but instead trust them to friends, friend’s parents, or other family members.