Laker Football Season Comes to an End

Laker Football Season Comes to an End

Katie Wertheimer

COLON, MICHIGAN- Friday, October 25, LMC’s Varsity Football Team finished their season with a sad loss to Colon High School. Although they didn’t come out with a victory, the success of the season spoke for itself in the tough fight against the Division-ranked team.

The game was off to a rough start for the Lakers after their opponents scored multiple times within the first few minutes of the game. By the second quarter, there was already a forty point difference.

According to mercy rules, 40-0 is the point where the clock begins running until the opposing team scores. Although the Lakers continued to “give it their all” the rest of the game, they just were not capable of taking down their opponents and Colons lead began to grow even more.

As the final buzzer went off, the Lakers brought their season to an end with a final score of 64-0.  The loss wasn’t the only discouraging part of the night for the Lakers, as it was the last game for eight of the men on the team as well. 

By the end of the game with the final playing of the fight song, multiple tears were shed by seniors and coaches, says Senior Connor Casey,

“ It sucked to end the season like that. I’ll definitely miss my time as a Laker football player.”

Although the Laker’s season did not go as well as hoped, the new eight-man team had their coaches very proud of all their success and progress says Assistant Coach, Josh Fairbanks.

“The final game wasn’t what we had hoped for. It was bittersweet to watch the seniors play their final game for Laker Football. Next year, we will be a young team and it’s extant for the possibilities that lie ahead”

For the next season, LMC is expected to return again as an eight-man team ready to fight as they continue the legacy of their graduating seniors.