2019 Homecoming Royalty

2019 Homecoming Royalty

Katie Wertheimer

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC– Friday, October 18, LMC’s 50th Homecoming Celebration came to a close at the big game, but before it was over, five lucky students were awarded with this year’s positions of Laker Royalty.  Normally there is only a king and a queen chosen from the Senior Class, but this year, the Homecoming Prince and Princess were crowned as well.

The first positions were announced at the annual pep rally. One boy and girl were chosen from the Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Class to appear on court: Cameron Preciado and Jasmine Avecedo-Vega (freshman), Chloe Mills and Joshton Szczepanksi (sophomores), and Alexis Braley and Logan Fairbanks (juniors). 

The prince and princess were crowned by Seniors Chloe Simmons and Katie Wertheimer from the Cheer Team. After the votes were tallied, Simmons took the prince’s crown and placed it on the head of Logan Fairbanks.

Then, Wertheimer took the princess’s tiara and crowned Alexis Braley as Princess. The couple will go down in LMC History as the first Prince and Princess of Homecoming. 

After the festivities at the pep rally, the Laker Family gathered at Dickinson Stadium to watch the game and see who would be named the 2019 king and queen. Due to failure to make it, 2018’s king, Cole Tubman, was unable to crown, but instead was replaced by Theresa Rondeli, the 1969 Homecoming Queen of Saint Joseph Catholic High School .

In a surprising turn of events, Former State Senator John Proos, also came out onto the field with a second crown. Both Proos and Rondeli took crowns and placed them on the head of Max Allen and Jake Koenig, who tied for king.

After the whirlwind that came from the realization that there were two kings, everyone was even more excited to see who would be named queen. 2018’s queen, Caroline Miota, took the tiara and named Katie Wertheimer as LMC’s Homecoming Queen. 

Koenig was very happy to be named one of the kings and considered it a great honor to represent his school. 

“It was really cool to be named a king! As a whole, it was a great week and an awesome last homecoming for me as a senior.”

The Laker Family agreed that it was a successful week for LMC and an appropriate celebration of 50 years of Laker Pride.