2019 Homecoming Pep Rally


Chloe Simmons

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- On the Friday of homecoming, starting at 2:00pm, the 50th anniversary pep rally started. Even with the school’s spirit, the pep rally got off to a rough start.

The first activity that took place at the pep rally was the Lake Michigan Catholic cheerleaders performing LMC’s Fight Song. The 8th grade band was expected to play the fight song for the pep rally. However, Mr. Jarvie had to leave during the day. The cheerleaders ended up singing the fight song. Even with the cheerleaders spirit in performing the school’s fight song, only a few students joined in singing and clapping. 

The next activity helped the LMC student crowd gain some more school spirit as speaker Josh Fairbanks recognized the homecoming court for king and queen. The court was: Elena Proos, Connor Casey, Katie Wertheimer, Jake Koenig, Vincent Ireland, Emily Lage, Max Allen, and Hayden Starr. 

The next activity was one that everyone had been waiting for: the Prince and Princess crowning. The court was recognized as: Cam Preciado, Jasmine Acevedo-Vega, Joshton Szczepanski, Chloe Mills, Alexis Braley and Logan Fairbanks. The winners for Homecoming Prince and Princess were Logan Fairbanks and Alexis Braley. 

Sports recognition was next. A captain from each high school team was asked to come up and share their teammates names. 

The sideline cheer girls routine was placed next for the activities. The sideline performance was filled with stunts like no other. The last part of the cheer routine was a dance filled with fun moves. 

The senior boys were taught a cheer for a showing at the pep rally. The senior boys not only did a cheer jump, but also were separated into stunting groups. 

The festivities were not over yet. The next games consisted of a relay race, a pie eating bubble gum competition, “yank me around” game, hula hoop circles, blindfolded makeup, and tug of war. 

LMC Seniors won the “yank me around” game. In this game, four red solo cups were placed on top of each other with a piece of paper in between each. To win this game, students needed to yank the paper out without knocking down the cups. 

LMC Seniors also won the blindfolded makeup contest. Boys from each grade were blindfolded and handed makeup to put on a girl from their grade. 

Tradition still stands as tug of war and class chants were one of the last activities for the pep rally. The juniors won the tug of war challenge beating the seniors. The seniors, however, were the loudest of all the grades and won the spirit wheel. 

The last activities to happen was the LMC Fight Song. Unlike the rough start of the fight song before, LMC students stood up, clapped, and sang with the cheerleaders. The pep rally was over and the Lakers were ready to fight to win their homecoming football game!