Starting off Homecoming week with a Bang


Darby McLoughlin

SAINT JOSEPH- Monday October 14th Lake Michigan Catholic Middle and High School’s homecoming began.  It started off with an all schools mass at the St. Joseph Catholic Church. The mass was performed by the Most Reverend Bishop Paul Bradley, as is the tradition each year.  After the mass the middle and high school walked around downtown St. Joe for three and a half miles before coming back to the school. The walk was to spread awareness for and to support Catholic education.  

Once all the students returned to the school they were treated to a free lunch.  Everyone got a hot dog, a bag of chips, and a cookie for their lunch. The students were also given the option of lemonade or water.  After lunch the students then headed to the gym for time to just relax. Many played basketball or volleyball.

After letting off some steam, the high school students headed back upstairs to decorate their hallways.  Students had to decorate their assigned hallways for their grade, according to the theme. The theme for homecoming 2019 was seasons, and each grade had a different season.  Freshman had spring, Sophomores had fall, Juniors had summer, and Seniors had winter.  

The seniors decorated their hallway with cotton balls on strings hanging from the ceiling as snow, snowmen made out of boxes, and lights.  The juniors decorated their hallway with paper cut out fish and blue paper covering the lights to make it seem to be in the water. The sophomores decorated their hallway with fake leaves, black and orange streamers, fake pumpkins, scarecrows, spider webs, spiders and balloons.  Last but not least, the freshman decorated their hallways with paper flowers, and streamers. Sophomore Chloe Mills said “I think that the hallways represented the themes pretty well this year. I saw a lot of planning and hard work put into the decorations. Even though some of the decorations fell down it was pretty cool to go from season to season.