Lakers Fall Short on Senior Night


Katie Wertheimer

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- Friday, October 11, the LMC Varsity Football Team took on Lawrence High School. Although it was a tight game, the Lakers fell short with injuries and dealing with the less-than ideal weather, suffering defeat.

The game took off quickly with Lawrence scoring very early in the game, but it still seemed like a plausible win for the home team. Unfortunately for LMC fans, the boys struggled to do more than tie up the game throughout the night.

As each quarter progressed, Lawrence pulled farther and farther ahead, while the Lakers trailed behind them. Things started to look especially bleak for the team when two starters were injured, including quarterback, Daiden Shaw. 

Finally, their opponents lead became too big and the team was simply unable to catch up in time, losing the game, 36-24. Although it was a sad loss for the otherwise relatively successful team, the day began in a bitter-sweet manner with a celebration of the senior players and cheerleaders.

For Senior Connor Casey, it was difficult thinking about saying goodbye to the team and sport he has developed a love for over the last four years.

“That night was a bummer all around. It was a hard night for the team, especially after the first half.”

It was also a hard game for Assistant Coach, Josh Fairbanks, who is bidding farewell to  eight senior players. Although he was disappointed in the results of the game, he was proud of his team for a strong fight. 

“It was a wet, cold, and bitter night, both in regards to the weather and the outcome of the came. The seniors wanted to come out and put on a good show for their fans for senior night. They did that, but unfortunately only for half of the game. The second half became a slugfest that was too much for the men to overcome. We look forward to bouncing back at Homecoming.”

LMC’s 50th homecoming game is this friday, October 18. All alumni, former coaches, and former players are invited to take part in the festivities.