Spider-Man Stays in the MCU


UNITED STATES- After long disputes and arguments between Sony and Marvel, Spider-Man will be staying in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after all.  Recently, Sony and Marvel had a disagreement about profit-sharing from the latest Spider-Man movies. Sony threatened to remove Spider-Man from the MCU leaving fans everywhere shocked.  Even Marvel actors voiced their opinion about the webslinger, and how they didn’t want Spider-Man to leave the MCU.  

Sony has finally given in to the fans and agreed to let Spider-Man stay in the MCU. Some speculate that Sony has realized that most of Spider-Man’s new found success has to do with Marvel.  This entails that Marvel and Sony will be working together for the third Spider-Man movie in the Spider-Man Homecoming series.  Also, Spider-Man will appear in any  Marvel movies that he is called act in just like the previous Avengers movies.

Marvel and Sony have now worked out their money problems with now Marvel and Disney only getting twenty-five percent of the profit.  Originally the profit was split fifty-fifty, but with the latest Spider-Man movies success, Sony wanted more of the profit.

Fans are delighted about this new development in the MCU since some believe that Spider-Man actor, Tom Holland, would have been replaced if Sony had taken over completely.  Now that Sony is not taking over, Marvel has completely reassured fans that Holland will still be the actor portraying Spider-Man in any upcoming movies. 

Many fans outrightly spoke  that they would have been heartbroken if Spider-Man would have left the MCU so soon.  Spidey fans were living the dream when Sony and Marvel started working together to produce Spider-Man movies.  With Spider-Man officially back in the MCU, fans are rejoicing, and excited for what the future holds for Spider-Man.  


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