Holy War ends in Devastating Defeat

Holy War ends in Devastating Defeat

Sarah Jannings

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- On Monday, September 9th, the Lake Michigan Catholic boys varsity soccer team took on Michigan Lutheran at St. Bernard’s home field for the match that is known t as “The Holy War.” Unfortunately for the Lakers, the night ended in a devastating defeat as the Titans scored multiple goals in the second half of the game making the final score 7-1. 

The Titans came out strong and were ready to battle with a total of eleven players on the field and ten subs on the bench. Meanwhile, the Lakers came out with high hopes and determination to win, but it didn’t help that two of their defensive players, Center Back, Nathanional Green, and Full Back, David Milanowski, got injured within the first fifteen minutes of the game even starting.

Furthermore, the Lakers were short three of some of their best players due to injuries and other sport commitments such an away tennis match that very same evening. The Lakers were forced to play the entire rest of the game with no subs and were definitely no match compared to the Titans who were continuously switching off their players after taking the lead to give everyone some breaks. 

Sophomore, Connor Shooks, normally a forward for the Lakers, was positioned as goalkeeper for the game due to the fact, junior, Alexis Ramirez, was out because of an injury in their previous game against Lawton. Shooks held on strong for the first half of the game, barely letting any goals pass him, but the Lakers still went into half-time with a score of 1-0, ML leading  from the very beginning.

Shooks stated, “It was a new experience to be goalie. It was just a little hard playing a position and not knowing all the things to do, but I feel like I did the best of my ability and I definitely tried to serve the Lakers well.”

However, the Lakers didn’t let this phase them as they came back within the second half when Midfielder, Matthew Rochefort scoring the one and only goal for the Lakers. He was assisted by Forward, Jackson Jollay who throughout the entire game worked hard to outrun the quick-footed defensive lineup of the Titans. 

The Titans definitely used their physical strength to their advantage as other Laker forward, Martin Arvizu kept being pushed to the ground once he was passed the ball and tried to shoot ahead towards the net.  The referees also dealt with multiple questions from Laker Senior and Captain, Ben Johnston, as barely anything was being called, despite the injuries and physical aggression. 

The Titans got on a run once they scored their third goal and there really wasn’t much the Lakers could do to stop them.  They dominated in numbers, speed, physical height/strength, and confidence. The Lakers tried their best to keep open minds, but once the Titans scored their fourth goal, every two minutes they scored another until the game ended to once again, making the final score 7-1.

Despite the results of the “Holy War,” the Lakers continued to play to the best of their ability and make due with the players they had on the field.  Milanowski was eventually able to return to play through the second half of the game and gave the Lakers some much needed help on defense, however Green stayed out until the last two minutes of the game to fill in for another player.  

Shooks stated, “I think that we got back into what we were used to seeing: Matthew and Andrew taking shots. We did well on the outsides with Diego and Martin and I say in the first half we were able to shut things down, but with some injuries we weren’t able to get into the right set up and mindsets.”

It is unknown if Green will be able to come back for the rest of the season as he is currently in a cast due to a possible shoulder injury.  The Lakers were scheduled to play away at Howardsville Christian on September 10th, but the game was unfortunately canceled due to the fact only eight players out of the nineteen players were available and healthy to fully play.

We wish the boys the best of luck in their next game at Coloma on Saturday morning, September 14th.  Go out and support as the Lakers take on the Comets for what is expected to be another very intense game!


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