The Amazon Wildfires

The Amazon Wildfires

Ashley Herrera

The Amazon- There has been tens of thousands of fires that have burned  throughout the entire Amazon, with 4.6 million acres consumed since the beginning of this year. Furthermore,  36,000 out of of the 77,000 fires that have started this year have been located in the Amazon just within the last month. 

The Brazilian space agency exclaims that most of the damage from the fires is in the northwestern states of Roraima, Acre, Rondônia, and Amazonas. Recently, the amount of fires and damage done by them has more than doubled the usual amount of fire in the Amazon, which definitely isn’t normal. 

The Amazon is so important to the earth because it’s home to three million species of plants and animals. There are also billions of trees that absorb  carbon dioxide and release about 6 percent of Earth’s oxygen back into the atmosphere for humans to breathe.. 

The trees, however, also carry out moisture and absorb freshwater for  recycling which then gets transformed back into the air. “The Week Staff” explained, “Scientists say if another 10 percent is lost, the ecosystem will reach a tipping point at which it will dry up irreversibly, converting the entire remaining rain forest into a savannah,” The Amazon is the lungs of the heart and without it all the species will die and the lands will too. 

So what can we do to help save the amazon? Leaders have found different ways of opening the lands without cutting down the trees. However, they still need to try to put out the fires as much as they can before taking any further action in preventing future damage. 

Smaller projects such as  reducing paper, wood, oil, and beef consumption are simple things that we can do in our daily lives to help keep the Amazon a happy and healthy place for all sorts of species to live and thrive. Supporting the Rainforest Action Network is also a great way to help this beautiful place which currently can’t help itself. The Amazon is dying and we need to act now before the Amazon is completely wiped out.