The Fall Sports Review

Lake Michigan Catholic sports are on the rise this year. This years fall sports include volleyball, football, sideline cheer, girls swimming, boys soccer, and boys tennis


Chloe Simmons

St. Joseph, MI- Lake Michigan Catholic sports are on the rise this year. This years fall sports include volleyball, football, sideline cheer, girls swimming, boys soccer, and boys tennis. As a new fall season has arrived, many of these fall teams have gained new members, friendships, and bigger goals than ever. 

This year LMC football is making a change to an 8-to-8 man league. This year the football team has about 15 players, from both Countryside and LMC. Logan Fairbanks, a high school junior football player, said what he is looking forward to this LMC Football season. “This season I am looking forward to playing one last season with the seniors. Not only did my dad coach them since they were in 7th grade, but I have built a brotherhood with them over the years.” This year, the football team is not only focusing on winning games, but creating a long lasting Laker family. 

Laker football isn’t the only one excited for this fall’s sports season. Sideline cheerleading has been hard at work to make this year one of the best. The team is currently working on their homecoming routine and getting ready for the second football game of the season. Katie Wertheimer, senior captain, has expressed her excitement for this year; “This year, because it is the 50th year of LMC football, we are working harder than ever to achieve the ultimate sense of laker pride and school spirit to make this a successful season for the team. I think that this sense of dedication to bringing school spirit differs from past years as we adjust our attitude to a winning one.” 

The Lake Michigan Catholic high school soccer team has also been hard at work. During this summer, they competed in the Zion Christian Soccer Invitational Tournament. For the first time in six years, LMC soccer has received a trophy. Ben Johnston, a senior, has commented on what he is looking forward to this soccer season; “I am looking forward to building this team. We have a lot of new people and I am looking forward to growing this team and going forward.”

LMC Volleyball has been working throughout most of the summer as well. The team have already attended the Notre Dame volleyball camp over this summer. Elena Proos, a senior at LMC, explained what she believes will be different from last season to this volleyball season; “The positions on the team have switched and we have some new freshman. We are still getting used to positions and learning how to play with each other.” Even with the position changes, it is sure that LMC volleyball will put up a fight against any team they face. 

For the first time in years, Lake Michigan Catholic high school has a boys tennis team. Noah Siglow, a freshman tennis player, about how he feels the season is going. “I feel that the season is going smoothly.  The boys from all three schools have had a team bond since the start of the season. So far, we are 1-1 since all of our matches have either been cancelled, postponed, or completely rescheduled. On the bus or car to the matches, we’ve created a tradition of watching Shrek, then going to Chick-fil-A on the return trip.” Even with these cancelled, postponed, or rescheduled tennis matches, LMC’s boys tennis is on the rise. 

As many may not know, LMC has its own representative for the girls swimming team this year. Melanie Kibler, senior laker on the team, has expressed the big changes from last year and her own personal goals. Melanie Kibler explained, “This year there are many differences from last year.  The main things are the team size and team members. Last year we only had 15 people in the entire team, but this year we have 25. Also, last year we had many experienced swimmers, including Lauren Kilgore who is insanely fast. This year, however, there are many people who are just starting to swim competitively for the first time.” Melanie’s personal goal this swim season is to qualify for MISCA, a swimming competition in which you must qualify by achieving a certain time in her swim category.