Lakers Beat the Odds in Summer Soccer Tournament


Darby McLoughlin

Grand Rapids, Mi – On Saturday, August twenty-fourth, LMC boys’ soccer won the Zion Christian Invitational Tournament in Grand Rapids.  Lead by their new coach Roberto Overton the Lakers beat Zion Christian, the reigning champions, one to nothing.  

The first opponents of the Lakers were Calhoun Christian, from Battle Creek, which they beat two to one.  Then they played Zion Christian as the underdogs who came out on top. These games marks the first tournament the boys have won in six years.     

 When asked what he thought about the team’s performance sophomore Deigo Nerio said, “I thought the team’s performance was good because we stood our ground against the champs.”  When player Connor Shooks was pushed inside the goalie box, it led to Mathew Rochfort scoring with a free kick. 

Starting the season off with a win, the boys are sure to have a good run this season.  With games coming up September fourth, fifth, and ninth the boys are sure to New Buffalo this year.    

With the new coach some people are wondering how he will improve the team, and when asked Mr. Overton said, “By helping them to believe in themselves that they can get things done in a timely manner. By doing the right things not once in a while but all the time.  This is a great team that has everything to be successful, they just need some guidance.”