Naturally Pink Chocolate

Naturally Pink Chocolate

Ashley Herrera

Switzerland- White, milk, and dark chocolate are now taking a backseat to their new counterpart known as “ruby chocolate.” Barry Callebaut, the creator of the pink-hugh treat,  explains that they’re finally bringing their products to the chocolate market..

The announcement of this new type of chocolate came out two years after the new class of cocoa bean was released, also turning heads with a light pink color. This product has been used in a variety of candies, including the pink KitKat.

American consumers have been overly excited and are waiting eagerly for this new chocolate to come out. Although Callebaut produced these bars without any artificial colors, many still debate on whether this new treat qualifies as chocolate considering how it is processed and prepared, which is different from conventional chocolate.

Regular brown chocolate is made by drying and fermenting the bitter beans of the cacao tree until they’re edible. The resulting cocoa is then heated into a liquor, which separates the cocoa solids and the cocoa butter. The solids and the butter are then mixed together along with the incorporation of most candies with milk and sugar. Unfortunately, many chocolate-makers are guessing that the beans that the bars are being made from are not real cocoa beans, considering the  “natural berry flavor that’s sour yet sweet,” as described by Callebaut.

Many tasters agree that it has an odd taste, that is unusual for chocolate especially with the color. The ruby chocolate has already been released to Trader Joe’s in Canada where they sell Ruby Cacao Wafers, one of the many possibilities for this new treat. Along with the pink chocolate’s appearance in Canada, many have high hopes that it will soon be available in other stores in the United States.