Benton Harbor Schools Fight To Keep Doors Open

Benton Harbor Schools Fight To Keep Doors Open

Caroline McLoughlin

BENTON HARBOR, MI- Benton Harbor area schools seem to be fighting a losing battle as bankruptcy is leading to the uncertainty of the future of the school.

Current Superintendent, Robert Herrera, was interviewing for a job on Wednesday the 15th, 2019 raising suspicions on the integrity of the school. This, however, does not mean that he is officially leaving.

His fellow board members did not know that he was interviewing for another job, but they knew that his job role will be changed after July 1st, which means that he may leave the district. As of right now, it is unclear whether, if he takes the job, there will be someone to replace him here in Benton Harbor.

Robert Herrera was interviewing for the superintendent position at Farmington Public Schools outside Detroit. The significance of Herrera’s interview lies in the fact that it may be hinting at the closing of the Benton Harbor school district.

If the school district closes than all of the Benton Harbor students will have to assimilate into the four neighboring districts, being Coloma, Eau Claire/Sodus, Saint Joseph, and Watervliet. This will be a big move for Benton Harbor community because they make up such a big part of the Southwest Michigan area.

Nothing is official yet and it seems that Herrera is just preparing for the uncertain future. “I thought this would be the best out of all times for me to leave the district instead of waiting until next year,” said Herrera. Furthermore, he said that nothing is official, he simply just wants to keep his options open.

In hindsight, the closing of the Benton Harbor district could be very beneficial for LMC. The closing will cause an influx in the neighboring communities, which in turn, could lead to a rise in LMC’s enrolment if the school can weather the storm.

In all, nothing is set in stone right now, but that is the reason for Herrera’s interview and for all of the speculation surrounding the Superintendent’s school district.


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