Public Speaking Class Enters The Tank

Public Speaking Class Enters The Tank

Caroline McLoughlin

USofA-  The 2018 – 2019 Honors Public Speaking class has just finished their Shark Tank projects and now, as a result the school is looking to take on these proposed improvements.

The proposals for what the students will think will better the school in the coming years included a new digital yearbook by Chloe Simmons, adding more art-based electives by Caroline McLoughlin, the implementation of a life skills class by Charles Hudson-Smith, new ceiling fans for the Laker gym by Ashley Herrera, renovating the lockers by Rafael Villegas, a new lunch plan by Jared Hannapel and finally, making skorts optional by Caroline Miota.

Simmons digital yearbook, was not “bought” by the four sharks that were in attendance. However, her proposal of the brand Picaboo Yearbooks included an app called Skipple, meant to be like instagram, that could potentially change the way the school does the yearbooks.

Next, McLoughlin pushed for more art-based electives with numerous options that should lead to more enrollment, which is something that the school is in dire need of. Her proposal was “bought” by the sharks, but time sensitivity will stall this plan’s motion.

Charles Hudson-Smith jumped into the tank next with his proposal to implement a new life skills class that will help prepare students for real life things that they may need to know after they leave LMC. He was “bought” by the sharks.

Ashley Herrera went next and she proposed that the school add/ fix the the gymnasium fans by installing a giant fan into the ceiling of the gym. The sharks weren’t sure about this, mostly because of the school budget.

Rafael Villegas attempted to revolution the hallways by suggesting that the lockers get a finger recognition locks that will make the school a safer and more efficient place. Villegas’ sold his idea, but the sharks needed more information to buy the idea.

Jared Hannapel’s LMC lunch plan revision will call for a gourmet lunch service meal plan with a flat rate that can be implemented through RenWeb’s services. Jared’s plan was “bought” by the sharks.

Lastly, Caroline Miota’s plan to make the Mass skorts optional won over the sharks easily with her anti-sexist notions pushing the envelope for the school’s female population.

In all, the students all did really well pitching their “products”, and even though not all of the ideas were bought, the school can expect some new improvements in the upcoming years.