Colorado School Shooting

Colorado School Shooting

Katie Wertheimer

HIGHLAND RANCH, COLORADO- On May 7, 2019, tragedy struck at a small STEM school in Highland Ranch, Colorado when nine students were shot. With one fatality of an 18 year old boy just days away from graduation, another community is shaken by violence at the hands of two young students being held responsible.

One of the suspects has been identified as 18 year old, Devon Erikson, along with one other student who was said to enter the school and confront fellow students in seperate locations. After the shots were heard, officials were said to immediately begin entering the school but had some struggles getting the targets into custody, but suspects were not injured in the process.

The two suspects, neither of whom were a concern to the public before this incident, were armed with handguns and other forms of weaponry. The students in the school were said to have heard two gunshots and immediately took action, having knowledge about the procedure with lockdown drills schools are required to practice.

The one victim killed is credited for helping reduce the possible deaths by attempting to physcially stop the shooter. Many experts and police say that he helped save a great deal of lives and will long be remembered as a hero who lost his life too soon.

Coincidently, this event occurred just after the school got back in session after a break revolving the 20 year anniversary of another school shooting tragedy at Columbine High School. Currently, with the victim in recovery and the suspects in custody, the school is still in a state of shock and mourning.

After so many recent gun violence tragedies in the area, including a man shooting two middle school students with a rifle or the twelve people killed at a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado, the community needs lots of prayers for their safety and recovery.




At least 2 handguns used in STEM school shooting in Highlands Ranch