Laker Varsity Soccer takes on Cassopolis

Laker Varsity Soccer takes on Cassopolis

Ashley Herrera

  1. BERNARDS SOCCER FIELD- On Friday evening the Laker Varsity soccer team played against the Cassopolis Rangers for their second time this season. With the Lakers winning 6-1 the first time they played against Cassopolis, there was high hopes for another win their second time around.

The game started off with three seniors, Adriana Nerio, Sarah Milanowski, and Caroline Miota, alongwith two juniors, Elena Proos and Hayden Starr.   Four sophomores, Celeste Herrera, Grace Howard, Hattie Latham and Maggie Tidey came out ready to win along with the two freshmen, Chloe Mills and Holly Starr who concluded the starting roster for the game.

There were several injuries that occured in the previous game that left out Claire Duris and Kathleen Krieger, but luckily once again they were able to join their teammates back out on the field. However, this did not shake the girls and they played through a tough first half with the Cassopolis Rangers putting up a fight to play against the Lakers to go for the win. The final score of the game ended with 8-0, with the Lakers mercing Cassopolis within the 12 minutes left of the game. The game, therefore, ended early with  goals scored by Maggie Tidey, Hattie Latham, Caroline Miota, and Hayden Starr.

Overall, the Rangers played a tough game by being very aggressive and attempting to be in control of the ball.  Three Ranger girls were yellow carded for fouled plays against Kathleen Krieger, Hattie Latham, and Caroline Miota. Unlike previous games, the Lakers came out strong against the Rangers and were ready to take the win.

As they came into this game they fought through the pressure and the doubts that had previously laid  before them. The Lakers put up a strong fight throughout the entire game leaving them with the victory win. Not only did the Lakers win, but they made progression in their skills and communication with  each other on the field. The Lakers only have about five games left until there districts and they are continuing to get better and better every game.

Wish the girls good luck on their next few games and at Districts! As they compete against New Buffalo on May 10 at 5:00 P.M at the St. Bernards soccer fields, we hope they can take home another win!