Notre Dame Up in Flames


melanie kibler


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PARIS, FRANCE – On Monday, April 15, Notre Dame was set ablaze by causes still unknown.  However, someone who works at the church said that it might have been caused by a “computer glitch” or short circuit. Not only has the fire absolutely devastated the cathedral, but it also left the ceiling open and the inside exposed to the elements.

The fire burned from 6:30 pm to around 11:00 pm Paris time and it took 500 firefighters, working for nearly five hours, to finally put it out.  Due to their hard work, two of the spires remain along with the main structure, but two thirds of the ceiling and the main spire were destroyed.

President, Emmanuel Macron, took immediate action and within hours of the event, he had already promised that France would rebuild Notre Dame.  He set up a five-year deadline to restore the cathedral.

However, many people are not so sure that this is a realistic time period. Pierluigi Pericolo, in charge of restoration and security at the St. Donatian Basilica in Nantes, said that due to Notre Dame’s size, it could take up to five years simplicity to secure the entire building.  

It’s not just the rebuilding of the cathedral that could pose a problem, but also the weather.  With the open roof, rain could cause some serious damage to the interior. “Mountaineers” have been sent up to attach tarps over the opening, but it is slow going.  

As for when the roof will be finished, it is very difficult to tell.  Also, as this is an ongoing story, it is hard to say for sure if the building is truly saved.

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