NASA Twin Studies Explored

NASA Twin Studies Explored

Ashley Herrera

NASA HEADQUARTERS- Identical twins Mark and Scott participated in an experiment by NASA. Scott traveled to space and lived there for a year,while Mark lived on Earth for a year to see what would have changed throughout the two twins.

When Scott returned not much of his DNA changed, although researchers found changes in his gene expressions, which is how your body reacts to the environment.

Only 7 percent of the what changed throughout his spaceflight was with the gene expression. Although his spaceflight was the smallest amount for his gene expression, scientists have begun to look further at the human body. NASA and the scientists are expecting to announce this study and the results of the twins as soon as the results are finalized.

This study was incredible for the scientists based from what happened to Scott Kelly in space. It was based more on nature vs. nurture from when the twins were born. Ten different research teams from around the country participated in the twins’ study, to discover what happens when the human body is in space for a year. “They measured large amounts of metabolites, cytokines, and proteins, researchers learned that spaceflight is associated with oxygen deprivation stress, increased inflammation, and dramatic nutrient shifts that affect gene expression,” stated from the article.

Once Scott returned he started adapting to the gravity on earth, researchers now know that 93% of Scott’s genes returned to normal after he landed. Along with that 7% shows that the longer term changes in genes to his immune system. Although there weren’t many different changes of his behavior, or his friend choices, or his body physically. This study shows that a human can live in space for a year or even more so.