Wait… Haven’t We Seen This Before?


Melanie KIbler

Photo credit: https://www2.gtel.net/movie-reels-and-popcorn/

Any movie buff *cough, cough* me *cough, cough* will be able to tell you that recently the “new” movies coming out aren’t that new.  In reality they are just repeats of older movies, or continuations of series.

The genre that is the most guilty of this heinous crime is horror.  Just look at the movies that have happened in the past couple years. Halloween, It, The Mummy, Rings, the many variations of The Purge, Pet Sematary (in theaters now), are all examples of repeats of older movies or continuations of series.  

Today it feels as if horror producers have no idea how to come up with an original movie, and even when they do, the themes are overdone and unoriginal.  

The horror genre, however, is not the only one repeating movies.  Action movies are also guilty of this crime. Just look at all the unnecessary series that have occured in this genre; Fast and Furious, Star War, X-men, Batman, Mission Impossible, Transformers, and so many more.  

 It is ok to have different movies, but there doesn’t need to be 10,000 versions of the same movie circulating throughout theaters (Fast and Furious I’m looking at you).  There are perfectly good ways to explode things and do other action activities without repeating the plot eight  times.

Even Disney, one of the most creative movie companies, has jumped on the bandwagon with all their “live action” remakes and sequels. I find this to be just sad.  How could you Disney?! We were all expecting you to at least stay original.

I will say that some of their live action movies are kind of cool, but really the originals were just fine.  In the words of a proverb, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Also, what is up with Disney creating remakes just to make a buck?

Frozen 2, Cars 3, and now Toy Story 4 are all movies coming out because Disney was lazy and wants to make money.  The movie that I am most disappointed about is Toy Story 4, because the third movie  wrapped up the series in a nice little bow. I also believe that there is nothing else that needs to be done in this franchise.

Hollywood we get it, these movies have been making money but please, for the sanity of your audience, come up with some new ideas.