PSAT Advantages and Disadvantages

By Sarah Jannings

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LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- The State of Michigan offers College Board PSAT-SAT standardized testing for high school students and Lake Michigan Catholic High School will offer the PSAT for both freshmen and sophomore students on Tuesday, April 9th, from 7:50-11:45am. The freshmen and sophomores will have one normal day back in school after their spring breaks and then will be required to standardize test the next day.
Freshmen will test in Room 228, while the sophomores will test across the street from the high school at the Rose Center. The reason Lake Michigan Catholic High School tests the students the second day after spring break is since the state pays for it, there is no charge to test the students.
When asked to comment about how he feels about taking the PSAT for the first time this year, freshmen, Connor Shooks said, “I feel like it will help me prepare for future tests so I can make sure that I will do well.”
The PSAT-SAT tests help students build high school course plans that will prepare them for college and work. PSAT reports give students subject areas of strength and subject areas where they may need to improve.
Sophomore, Jenna Cutter feels less anxious this year about taking the PSAT because she got the chance to take it last year. She does feel like, however, there are both positives and negatives about taking the PSAT.
“It is going to prepare me for when it isn’t a practice test anymore and it will help me with time management so that I am not unprepared for the SAT and ACT. I think the negatives is that is the second day we come back from spring break like wow that a lot and just isn’t going to be fun. It’s a long time and I sometimes can’t focus for that long.”
PSAT scores provide early indicators of whether students are on track for college. With plenty of time before students graduate, teachers and parents can use this information to focus on academic areas in need of improvement.
When asked about how the two PSAT tests she took as a freshman and sophomore helped her prepare for the SAT, junior, Hayden Starr responded, “Taking the PSATs allowed me to get a feel for standardized testing as well as set goals to get a higher score than my previous test(s).”
Starr, like Cutter, said that there are both positives and negatives about having to take the PSAT.
“The PSATs definitely have more pros than cons, they allow us to see areas of improvement, prepare us for future years of standardized testing, and give us a chance to experiment and learn about these tests. The cons are the date of the test (right after spring break), the length of the tests, and the time constraints.”
PSAT standardized testing may have its advantages and disadvantages, but they allow Lake Michigan Catholic High School to do everything in their power to make sure that the students are prepared for SAT/ACT based tests and their futures including their college plans and careers.
When asked about the best way to prep for standardized testing, Lake Michigan Catholic MS/HS Guidance Supervisor, Deb Schmid replied, “The best prep for standardized testing is for students to take rigorous classes. LMCHS offers core classes, AP and honors classes that challenge students to academically progress. Also, students are given a Khan Academy account after their first PSAT test. Khan Academy allows students online resources that will help them to practice subjects that they understand well or need enrichment practice to improve. Juniors and sophomores who participate in our College Club with Mr. Foster learn standardized testing strategies. SAT/ACT study books are available and can be checked out of the Guidance Office. Juniors are informed of SAT/ACT prep classes offered by Dr. Scott Carlin.”
Clearly, there are many different classes, clubs, and supplies that LMC offers to help students prepare for standardized testing. We wish the freshmen and sophomores good luck as they take the PSAT.