2019 National Honors Society Induction


Katie Wertheimer

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- On Wednesday, March 20, the John Meyer Chapter of the National Honors Society (NHS) welcomed 18 new members. The group consisted of LMC Juniors and Seniors (Kristen Benkhart, Will Latham, Caroline Miota, Connor Casey, Claire Duris, Brian Ha, Ben Johnston, Melanie Kibler, Jacob Koenig, Kathleen Krieger, Emily Lage, John Mansfield, Elena Proos, Bailey Siglow, Chloe Simmons, Hayden Starr, Cynthia Wang, and Katie Wertheimer) who were inducted by current members with a collaboration of events to celebrate the night.

The evening began with Mass where all inductees and their families were invited to attend prior to the ceremony. After that, three of the current members, who happen to be apart of this year’s LMC Senior Class, spoke on behalf of the NHS to explain the core values highlighted in the  society, character, scholarship, leadership, and service.

After the presentation of the Four Pillars of NHS, LMC’s Guidance Counselor, Deb Schmid, invited the inductees to approach the altar and take the National Honor Society pledge where they promise to fulfill the responsibilities and act appropriately as an official member. It was then that they turned around and were given candles to signify enlightenment on the path of knowledge.

Each inductee passed down the flame until all the candles were lit and were announced as new official members. Next came the announcement of this year’s John Meyer Scholarship.

Each year, the family of the late John Meyer, who died tragically from a heart attack at the age of 28, offers a scholarship to a current NHS member who they felt acted as a prime example of a proper member. This year, Adriana Nerio, a current senior at LMC, was rewarded for her countless hours of volunteering and serving her community.

“It was a huge honor and privilege to be given this scholarship. I know that my fellow members who applied were worthy, and find it incredible to be given this chance. I was inspired and moved by the story of John Meyer’s life and intend on using the money responsibly and working towards my future,” says Nerio.

After the presentations, a small portion of each inductee’s submission essay was read aloud where they expressed why they were worthy of entrance into the society. Finally, the night was ended with a reception to celebrate the event, and it was truly a memorable event to celebrate the accomplishment of LMC’s current upperclassmen.