An End To Shopping Stores

An End To Shopping Stores

Ashley Herrera

Benton Harbor, MI- On July 15, JCPenney is assured to close down in Benton Harbor, the cause of this was the performance of other stores in Benton Harbor.

In the Orchards Mall there about fifty people who are currently working there. Some of the other stores are moving and the rest are going to be attending a career training class.

JCPenney in Benton Harbor was one of the strong bases for the Orchards Mall, it has been a part of the mall since it first opened. When the mall first opened in 1979, JCPenney was the main attraction. Shoppers are extremely disappointed in it’s closing and are still reacting to the news.

“Disappointment, disappointment, because it’s my go-to store,” said Reda Gagliardo, JCPenney Shopper. Gagliardo said she doesn’t know where else to shop once they close down, however she isn’t the only disappointed shopper. Jean Snodgrass exclaimed “It’s just sad, because there is no place to shop, I don’t want to drive 45 to 50 miles to another JCPenney store.”

Snodgrass explained how she doesn’t know where else she will shop either and she also exclaimed how there aren’t many other stores in Benton Harbor to shop at. JCPenney is closing more than 100 stores throughout the entire country, with Benton Harbor on the list.

Many of the shopper said they are too old to drive to Kalamazoo or South Bend. But one man said they at least still have Walmart to shop at. There have been a number of messages left for the Orchards Mall manager about the shop closing down but there has not been a response.

Along with JcPenney there are many other stores going out of business like The Children’s Place, Lowe’s, Francesca’s, GNC, J Crew, and many other shops. Also with Victoria Secret, they are closing down 53 more stores. Gap will be closing down 230 other stores, with Sears shutting down 80 other stores, along with Target around the world closing down 12 stores. With all of these stores closing down there are many shoppers who are disappointed, angry, and even scared for where they will shop at next.