The Jonas Brothers are Back


Katie Wertheimer

UNITED STATES- Since their split back in 2013, the breakup of The Jonas Brothers sent the hearts of America into a continual state of mourning. Fortunately, the hearts of many can once again be restored as the Jo Bros have reunited and released a new hit and music video entitled, “ Sucker”.

Although there have been many rumors revolving around the famous trio and a possible rejoining,  all have been dismissed by the trio, Joe, Kevin, and Nick, until now. Not only did they fulfil the childhood dreams of many, but have exceeded expectations by featuring their wives and fiance, Danielle Jonas, Priyanka Chopra, and Sophie Turner in their music video.

This song is the first new release in six years and fans could not be more ecstatic with the results. LMC student, Adriana Nerio, has already listened to the song many, many times since its release on February 28.

“It’s so great to see the Jonas Brothers back for this unexpected reunion. I saw a post by them on Instagram and I was so excited. I was very excited to listen to it and it was the first thing I thought about the morning after it came out. I just haven’t been able to stop listening since.”

The video has received hype for not only the people featured in it, but, according to Nerio, for the “bright graphics and pleasant scenery” in the video.

“The video was very cool and I loved seeing their leading ladies in it. It’s just good to see that the boys are back in town,” said Nerio, while referencing their Instagram announcement post.

America can rest easy tonight knowing their favorite boy band of the 2000s is back and better than ever.