Oscars Best and Worst Outfits on the Red Carpet

Ashley Herrera

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Dolby Theatre, Los Angeles- On February 24, 2019 the annual 91st Academy Awards for the Oscars took place. The  red carpet showcased many stars who wore outstanding, extravagant dresses

Starting from the worst outfit choices from the not so bad outfits to the worst ones. In 1st was Kacey Musgraves, she was wearing a similar pink dress that looked like a pink coffee filters all the way down to her legs. 2nd was Rachel Weisz, she was wearing a baggy orange dress that was made of leather on the top and the bottom of silk. 3rd was Tessa Thompson, she was wearing a black dress with gold lining tightening up her hip area, upper chest, and her legs together.

4th was Ceci Dempsey, she was wearing a black and white dress with pink lining the inside that seems to be two blankets sewed together. 5th was Nicole Holofcener, she was wearing almost a school uniform, it wasn’t the worst outfit it just wasn’t red carpet worthy. 6th was Maya Rudolph, she was wearing a pink dress with flowers across it, the colors and the thought of the dress wasn´t to bad. It was just how it looks like a curtain and cut it to fit in as a dress. 7th was Diane Warren, she was wearing a white pantsuit with white lining off the shoulders down ot her legs the whole outfit just doesn’t go well with her.

8th was Sandy Powell, she was wearing a black and white pantsuit that had lines going down, the whole outfit look was just not classy enough. 9th was Linda Cardellini, she was wearing a pink dress that seemed to look like a boa throughout her shoulders to her legs. 10th was Cicely Tyson, she was wearing a black dress with a style of a gothic black Big Bird. With Cicely Tyson wearing the worst dress in the Oscars of 2019.

From the worst goes to the best dressed starting with 10th was Danai Gurira, she was wearing a gold dress mixed with yellow patches with a black belt like figure around her waist. 9th was Lady Gaga, she was wearing a matte black dress that was tight to her hips then expands out and flows down from her legs.

8th was Elsie Fisher, she was wearing a black pantsuit with a white button up shirt.

7th was Laura Harrier, she was wearing a blue matte two piece dress with purple and silver sequins or diamonds. 6th was Lucy Boynton, she was wearing a silky purple dress with a black bob like across from under the shoulders. 5th was Brie Larson, she was wearing a silver shimmering dress that was skin tight with a open back.

4th was Constance Wu, she was wearing a flowy sunshine yellow dress with an off the shoulder top. 3rd was Jennifer Lopez, she was wearing a silver mirror like dress that was skin tight with long sleeves. 2nd was Regina King, she was wearing a silky white dress with a slit and the bottom flowed into a train. 1st was Charlize Theron, she was wearing a blue silky dress long sleeve with an open back.