Cheer Conference Meet at Parchment

Ashley Herrera


KALAMAZOO- On Thursday evening, the Lake Michigan Catholic Competitive cheer team competed for the conference title at Parchment High School. The competition crowded up at 6 P.M with around six other teams competing including Berrien Springs, Comstock, Buchanan, Parchment, and Lawrence.. Round 1 kicked off with Berrien Springs and the Lakers went after them second in round one.

Round 1 featured Lexi Braley, Kacey Ristow, Chloe Simmons, Ashley Herrera, and Mariah Sirk. They had tight arm motions with piercing claps and stunning timing. Their quality of voice, also carried them  though the first seconds of the round. When hitting their herkie, their first jump in the round, they had great timing and all the girls had their legs up to their shoulders. In the last few seconds the girls hit all the motions tight, completed with a toe touch jump.

At the end of round one, the final score for the two rounds was 200.5, there were some mistakes but it didn’t bring them down for the last two rounds. The lakers went back into the mat room to practice up for round two. A couple minutes passed warming up their round and tumbles and it was time to take on the mat.

Round two showcased with Lexi Braley, Katie Wertheimer, Mariah Sirk, Ashley Herrera, and Chloe Simmons. From the mistakes they had in the previous round they dominated them and took round two and gave it their all. The reached a score of 165.98 which was one the the best round two scores they have had throughout the season so far. After round two came to an end, the cheer girls warmed up there stunts for round three.

Round three started with the same lineup as round two. Mariah was the tumbler and was performing tucks, handsprings, and back walkovers.. After they nailed their first stunt, they went into a pop up in a right one leg extension and went into their team tumble and proceeded to their third stunt sequence of a 360 extension into a cradle. They then went into their last sequence of a toe touch basket to a reload to a 360 extension.

After hitting the best round three out of all the competing teams, the girls didn’t quit and still continued throughout the rounds and ended at 3rd place. With Berrien Springs at 1st, Parchment at 2nd, Comstock at 4th, Lawrence at 5th, and Buchanan at 6th. After having a rough round one they continued head strong through rounds two and three.

The lakers have another competition on Saturday January 19 at Mattawan and Monday January 21 at Coloma. Good luck to the cheer team on the rest of their season!