New Year, New Me!


Sarah Jannings

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- Cheers to a New Year and another chance for everyone to have their best year yet!  Many of LMC High School students have interesting New Year resolutions already planned and set into motion for 2019.  

New Year resolutions date all the way back to ancient Babylonian and Roman times and they continue on around the world today.  According to a Google Resolution map survey taken back in 2012, with results gathered from around the world, the most popular New Year’s resolutions are lose weight/eat healthier, get organized, save more money, quit smoking, enjoy life, spend more quality time with close friends and family members, get—and stay—healthy, learn something new, help others pursue their goals, and finally, find love.

If those failed resolutions above look familiar and remind you that the whole concept can sometimes be a failure, or if they inspire you to create your own list of promises for 2019, just remember that this tradition is destined to live on.  

Junior, Jake Koenig’s New Year resolution is something that all high school students should consider doing as well.  

“My New Year’s resolution is cutting down on the social media and simply spending more time to focus on what’s important and what will be better for me in the long run,” said Koenig.

Freshman, Connor Shooks’ New Years resolution is not only improving his own life, but the lives of his classmates as well.

“My New Year’s resolution for 2019 is to do one act of kindness each day and I chose this resolution because I feel like all people should feel special and cared for.  My other New Years resolution is to use everything to its fullest.”

On the other hand, sophomore Kacey Ristow, plans on taking more time for herself in this New Year.

“My New Year’s resolution this year is to take more time focusing on myself and my hobbies instead of focusing on what other people are doing.  I chose this because it’s something I struggled with in 2018 and I want to get better.”

Even High School Economics/Civics and World History teacher, Dr. Ho, has exciting New Year’s resolutions already set into place.

For the last few years, my New Year’s resolutions have always been garden-related. Last year, I resolved never to undertake the fall clean-up of my garden again, which I stuck to. This year, I hired a company to come and clean and haul out the mass piles of leaves and twigs from the property. This year, I resolved to incorporate more structural plantings, meaning, planting and trimming hedges and evergreens into pleasant forms and shapes. I’ll start doing the pruning in the spring, after the first frost.”

We wish Dr. Ho the best of luck with his garden in the spring, but naturally other people can sometimes be less determined to stick to the resolution they chose to complete.  It is so easy to forget about your New Year’s resolutions, or to just refuse to continue them in the first place.

Both, Senior Caroline Miota and Freshman Connor Shooks, think they will be able to continue their New Year’s resolutions for the rest of 2019 to come.
“Honestly my New Years resolution was something along the lines of “always full send” because why not.  I think I can keep doing it because it’s my mindset to just do stuff,” said Miota.

Shooks stated, “I’ve done this resolution for the last couple years and it has paid off.  I think I’ll be able to continue it.”

Whether it be improving and making changes to their own lives, or to the lives of others, the LMC students are already working hard and are excited for the many months of 2019 ahead of them.  We wish all of the students the best of luck on their New Year’s resolutions and have a wonderful New Year!




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