Facebook Exposes User’s Pictures

Facebook Exposes Users Pictures

Caroline McLoughlin

United States of America- Over a twelve day period in September, Facebook users were treated to an unwelcoming surprise. A bug from an outside source allowed a third-party app to access peoples photos that may or may not have been shared publicly.

Facebook executives believe that up to, but no more than 6.8 million users, could have been affected by the bug causing many private personal photos to be released onto the social platform without warning.

So why did it take so long for Facebook representatives to address the issue? A Facebook spokesperson said it took so long because there was a lot of investigation and notification that had to be done in sight of the incident.

“We have been investigating the issue since it was discovered to try and understand its impact so that we could ensure we are contacting the right developers and people affected by the bug. It then took us some time to build a meaningful way to notify people, and get translations done.”

There is no doubt that 2018 has been a year of crisis for the company. It was just earlier this year when it was revealed by a data analyst that the monster company had used the system to gather data on more than 10 million American Facebook users several years ago.

And now with the bug accident, Facebook has obviously been having a hard time  this year. Tomer Bar, Facebook’s engineering director, wrote about the situation further on his blog.

“We’re sorry this happened.”

Now, in light of everything, Facebook says they plan to notify all people who were potentially affected by the bug incident.