How Important Are High School Internships?


Michael Markoch

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- As a senior in high school, my schedule is extremely open-ended.  There are so many different options: AP courses, College courses, Arts courses, but the one I chose to take advantage of is CO-OP, which is basically a student internship.

The purpose of a CO-OP is to place a student in a real-life workplace environment and help them learn about certain career path and what a day in that career is like.   

My plan in college is to major in broadcast journalism in the sports field so my CO-OP is at WSJM Sports, a regional radio network in Southwest Michigan.  There, I receive mentorship from experienced radio personalities and participate in activities like talking on the radio, placing schedules on the website, broadcasting games, and streaming games from off-site areas.

Internships and CO-OPs are crucial to a student’s understanding on an eventual career by   teaching and developing important workplace skills that people need to know no matter what their career is.  But they also focus on aspects of a job related to the students future interests.

Part of senior year is applying to colleges that you might like to attend after high school.  CO-OPs and internships look amazing on a college application because they show that you are committed to an area of study and were willing to discover more about it and put in the work.

My experience in CO-OP has been spectacular.  Everyone treats me professionally because I am there to do a job but we also joke around and have our fun.

I’ve been exposed to so many skills and activities that I feel much more prepared for a potential career, especially on the radio.  And even though this internship couldn’t get me into my dream school, I have been accepted by multiple universities that have great communications programs and I plan to get more, which couldn’t have been possible without this CO-OP opportunity.

So you can go ahead and load up on a busy senior schedule with rigor and look amazing on college applications and put even more stress on yourself, or you can take the CO-OP route.  

I highly recommend going the CO-OP route during your senior year because it can look just as good on your applications and get valuable workplace experience, along with less added stress to your senior year.


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