Faith, Family, and Friends: Hallway Decorations

Melanie Kibler

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – On Thursday, December 6th, the hallways of LMC were transformed into a Christmas wonderland.  This was an activity that the faith families did to grow closer to one another.

Each faith family was told to decorate their advisors door in accordance with the themes: Christmas and friendship.  They were given 30 minutes to come up with an idea for their door a week before the actual decorating.

On Wednesday, December 5th, the faith families were given 10 minutes to finish perfecting their ideas.  Then, on Thursday, the decorating officially began at the beginning of 7th hour. There were some reports, however, that Dr. Ho cheated by decorating during 5th hour.

When asked about the cheating Dr. Ho said, “I understand and accept those accusations, because I technically did cheat.  But I have a defense: The meeting for the decorations were held after prayer and because I only work half time I wasn’t here.  Also my upperclassmen, Elena Proos, was not there on Thursday and she was who would tell me what we were doing.”

On Friday, December 7th, the winner of the door was officially announced, and drum roll please…  The winning door was Mrs. Jager’s door. This door was full of the perfect combination of the spirit of Christmas and friendship.  

Their decorations included a christmas tree and an advent calendar.  Each of the students were one of the ornaments/doors of the advent calendar.

Students of LMC really enjoyed the opportunity to gain new friends and come together to create a beautiful door.  

“I liked the hallway decorating because I thought it was fun how my faith family came together and found common interests.  I thought all the doors were really interesting and I like Ms. Smith’s the best,” said Sophomore, Grace Craig.

The doors really promote a sense of unity within the school, by creating an environment that students can work together to accomplish a common goal.