New Staff Spotlight

Caroline McLoughlin

Lake Michigan Catholic HS- Ms. Casey Merrill, who is she, and what does she do?

Well, Ms. Merrill is originally from Baroda and went to Lakeshore public school for high school. After high school, Ms. Merrill attended the University of Michigan for undergraduate school, receiving a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She then attended the University of Chicago for graduate school and got her Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work.

Ms. Merrill only just graduated from UChicago last spring and this is her first official job here at LMC. She said she was drew to LMC because she likes the smaller school and finds big public schools can be overwhelming.

“I like more face to face time. (and) kids here are so much kinder than at public schools.”

Ms. Merrill works mostly with middle schoolers on organization and communication skills. She is also doing some group work in the Middle school, though most of her work is individual.

As for the high school students she works with, there are less of them and they have different challenges than the middle school students.  

When asked about what inspired her to become a clinical social worker Merrill said,

  “Growing up seeing the difference between Saint Joe and Benton Harbor made me want to work with kids… In college I wanted to help kids.”

During her down time, Ms. Merrill  loves to watch true crime documentaries and crime related books. She also likes to draw, play the saxophone, and shop. If you were wondering how to achieve Ms. Merrill’s amazing style, you shop at J.Crew, Free People, the Doc Martins shoe store.

Furthermore, Ms. Merrill likes to play video games and her cat is named after the protagonist from The Legend of Zelda game.

In all, Ms. Casey Merrill’s door is always open if you ever need to talk or just want to stop in and say hi.