Let’s Play Secret Santa!


Sarah Jannings


LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- With Christmas approaching, it is that time of year again in which the students of Lake Michigan Catholic Middle and High School begin to play Secret Santa in some of their teachers’ classrooms.  For those who may not know, Secret Santa is an arrangement in which a group of friends or colleagues exchange Christmas presents anonymously, each member of the group being assigned another member for whom to provide a few small gifts, typically costing no more than a set amount.  

This year, the sophomore and junior classes are taking part in Secret Santa in Dr. Ho’s History classroom.  Many of them are struggling to pick out the perfect gifts for each of their own classmates in which they anonymously chose.  

The sophomore and junior classes also consist of many boys and girls who all have different interests.  I’ve divided the different types of people into five various categories including: Entertainment Lovers, Food Enthusiasts, Jocks, Girly-Girls, and Outdoorsmen.  

Like I said before, Secret Santa gift exchanges are tricky: You have to find something thoughtful and affordable for a person that you might not even know. Check out these funny and personal gifts under $25 that will work no matter whose name you pull out of the bag.   



  • Entertainment Lovers


  • Movie Lovers: Gift cards for the movies or even food gift baskets to snack on at movies are always great.
  • Game Lovers: You can’t go wrong with video games, joke books, cards, or even just some classic board games.
  • Electronic Lovers: You always need a good or even a stylish pair of headphones, chargers, phone cases, or speakers. iTunes gift cards are always excellent too!


  • Food Enthusiasts


  • Food: Gift cards for restaurants, even as simple as Jimmy Johns, or Taco Bell will always be appreciated.  Saving money on food is always an amazing thing.
  • Candy: The more the better!  Brands like Sour Patch Kids, Skittles, or Hershey’s are just to name a few.  Just make sure your classmate or colleague doesn’t have any nut allergies!
  • Chefs/Bakers: Baking utensils, baked goods ingredients, and recipes in a jar are useful and always nice gifts to receive especially when you love to cook.


  • Jocks


  • Performance wear: Every athlete could always use another headband, pair of socks, or even some hair ties!  You can never go wrong with the small things that help out in a large way.
  • Performance goods: Any type of ball (preferably for the sport your chosen person plays) and weight/workout items are very useful.
  • Hygiene/Energy: Duffel bag air fresheners and deodorant definitely help an athlete to keep their clothes and themselves smelling great as they continue to work hard.  Power foods and healthy energy drinks also help to keep them going through their practices and games.
  • Just for Fun: Sport related movies and board games along with a magazine subscription are unique and always fun to have around especially when athletes enjoy being competitive or enjoy reading about their competition!


  • Girly-Girls


  • Bodily heguine: All girly-girls love some wonderful scented lotion, perfume, chapstick or hand sanitizer.  Bath and Body Works is definitely the place to go.
  • Hair accessories: Hair ties (preferably scrunchies), headbands, prewrap, bows, etc are super popular along with being super cute and useful!
  • Amazing smells: Scented candles, room fresheners, and even car air fresheners are just enough to bright up any girl’s day.
  • Just something cute: Cute pens, notebooks, flowers, and glitter gift boxes can be useful or even stand just as a pretty decoration in a girl’s room.  


  • Outdoorsmen


  • Outdoorsmen are always on the go and are in need or items that they can easily carry around and use.  Hats, gloves, hand warmers help to keep them warm in the frigid cold temperatures while they are hard at work, or just having a good time while snowmobiling or fishing with some pals.
  • Binoculars, flashlights, lamps, eye vision goggles help to keep the outdoorsmen working at their best even when it may be difficult to see outdoors.
  • Everyone loves portable hammocks!  They’re so comfortable and easy to set up once you get the hang of it.  It’s always nice to take a quick nap and then get right back to work.
  • A subscription to the magazine entitled, Field and Stream give the outdoorsmen something to read when they have free time, want to learn something new, or just can’t go outside because of inclimate weather.
  • Gifts cards to Bass Pro Shops or Ace Hardware will surely be appreciated by anyone who loves to go fishing or buy tools and supplies to make the things they please.


These are just a few ideas to get for you Secret Santa and there are plenty of more out there, so get creative!  If you know your anonymously chosen person well, try to get them something they would use and enjoy, but every once and awhile don’t be afraid to surprise them.  My final tip of advice to you is don’t forget to sign your gift, “From, your Secret Santa” because you don’t want to give away the true surprise. Have fun shopping!