Guys Night Gone Wrong


Diego Nerio

CHICAGO- On Wednesday November 14 at 4:00 in the morning a security guard was shot and killed by a police officer. Jemel Roberson was a 26 year old security guard working at a local pub. The shooting took place in a small town called Robbins 20 miles south of Chicago.

After Jemel broke up a bar fight between a couple of drunk men, one of them returned home and retrieved their weapon.

When he returned to the bar he opened fired at the crowd and injured three people. A bartender was one of the victims according to the lawsuit.

Roberson reacted quickly and contested the gunman. Both Roberson and the gunman allegedly were armed. A police officer responded to the shooting because he was the closest to crime.

When he arrived on the scene,  he saw that Roberson was armed and shot him outside of the bar. According to his lawyer, “It was an excessive and unreasonable shooting and was a violation of his civil rights”

CNN Affiliate WGN reported that the lawyer’s witness said that the security guard had asked several drunken men to leave the bar and at least one returned and opened fired.

The witness stated that they all yelled at the police officer pleading,  “he’s a security” but the officer still opened fire at him. Police reported that he was wearing a black shirt that had no sign indicating he was a security guard.

A Midlothian police officer confirmed that two officers responded to the bar shooting and one opened fire. Karen Sheley, Director of the Police Practices Project of the American Civil Liberties union of Illinois, stated that it was Roberson’s race the encouraged the officer to open fire.

They launched a private investigation and they reported that the witness also said that the officer told the armed guard a couple of commands but he did not respond which lead to the officer opening fire at the 26 year old guard.

Roberson is the father of a 9 month baby and the mother is expecting a second child according to their attorney. The loved ones and supporters held a vigil outside Manny’s Blues Lounge WGN reported.