Giving Other Holidays the Respect They Deserve

Giving Other Holidays the Respect They Deserve

Ashley Herrera

THE WORLD- Thanksgiving is right around the corner, but many people are coming to the conclusion that it is already Christmas time. Can people just overlook an entire holiday though?Many people start decorating, listening to Christmas music, and start talking about what they want to do for Christmas or the gifts they want right after Halloween; but, Thanksgiving is between Halloween and Christmas.

People seem to forget about Thanksgiving, a. long with other holiday like Valentine’s Day, St.Patrick’s Day, Fourth of July, Easter, and many more holidays. But when you start to ask people what their favorite holiday is or to name the first holiday that comes to mind is Christmas. Most people like to celebrate the holiday the day of that holiday. When Valentine’s day comes everyone starts to buy gifts and decorate on the day of Valentine’s day.

With almost every holiday they start to celebrate it the day before of the day it occurs unlike Christmas they start to decorate the day after halloween. Leaving approximately two months of preparing for Christmas. Many people have different opinions about whether it’s Thanksgiving time or Christmas time after Halloween. When you walk into stores you don’t see any Thanksgiving decorating but Christmas decorations.

So the question that spreading around is,  “Once Halloween’s over is it time to start decorating, singing, and preparing for Christmas?” Well no it is not Christmas time it’s time to start decorating and preparing for Thanksgiving not Christmas. Christmas time should start after Thanksgiving or the beginning of December. Many people dislike how people are playing Christmas, decorating, and talking about Christmas when we should be decorating and preparing for Thanksgiving.

With Thanksgiving coming soon and Christmas in about one month, it is not the time to start preparing for Christmas. After Thanksgiving you can start to decorate for Christmas or wait until December 1st.