2018-2019 Varsity and JV Lady Lakers Basketball Preview


Sarah Jannings


LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- Last year the Lady’s Lakers Varsity basketball season was filled with some great wins, but also some tough losses.  The Lady Lakers can be expected to enjoy a good season run this year.

Looking back to last season’s team, there were five seniors, one junior, three sophomores, and two freshmen.  The Lady Laker’s JV season consisted of absolutely no wins, but the girls still managed to build great bonds with each other and have an excellent time with their fellow teammates, which is truly what LMC athletics is all about.  

Just like many of the other LMC athletic teams, the girls are going to struggle in the beginning of their official practices and games due to the loss of their five seniors.  However, the girls this year are trying their best to look at the positive and continue to get better as the season progresses.

“I’ve been playing varsity basketball since freshman year.  I think what would be absolutely different this year compared to the previous ones is the players on the team.  I have been playing with the same group of girls for the past two years. Playing without them will definitely show our strengths and weaknesses for the new season this year, but I am positive that we will have a good season,” said junior Emily Lage.

This year, just like the previous, the girls are focusing a lot on teamwork, sportsmanship, and learning how to use their skills to the best of their abilities.  Coach Jarvie is the head coach again this year and just like his players, he has high hopes for both teams.

“Every year the teams are different, even if you have a lot of the same players.  I’m hopeful that this year’s team will get along as well as last years. Improvements with shooting percentage is a big key for us to compete for league honors.  The JV team will have more experience than last year with returning players. That should help a great deal. I also think that we will start the season ahead a little bit by having competed at team camp this summer at Adrian College!  It was a lot of fun,” said Coach Jarvie.


Who’s Gone: Seven senior girls graduated last year, five of which who played on the Varsity team, and the other two on JV.  The Varsity seniors consisted of, Anna LaSata, Addie Peters, Katie Sullivan, Jamie Tidey, and Frannie Valenziano.  The two JV senior players, Inae Choi and Seyeon Kim, both came to join LMC for their senior year and made a great contribution on the JV team.  They will be greatly missed and their hard work, effort, and determined attitudes leave them still as excellent role models for the girls that got the chance to play with them.  The JV team has also unfortunately lost two sophomores, Katrina Cordes and Kaela Groppel.


Who’s Back: The Lady Laker’s return now with three seniors, Caroline Miota, who was originally a student from Howardsville Christian, Sarah Milanowski, and Adriana Nerio.  The Lady Lakers are also fortunate to still have now three juniors, Emily Lage, Elena Proos, Hayden Starr and two returning sophomores, Sarah Jannings (who plays on both Varsity and JV teams) and Maggie Tidey.  For the JV team, the Lady Lakers are welcoming back four returners, Leah Brucal, Celeste Herrera, Sarah Jannings, and Wendy You.


Who’s Coming In: The Lady Laker’s now welcome to their Varsity team, a transfer student from Howardsville Christian, Caroline Miota, along with many new freshman.  The JV team will add on six new freshmen, Kailey Allerton, Anna Jannings, Claire LaSata, Chloe Mills, Maya Sandor, and Holly Starr who all played basketball throughout their middle school years.  Coach Jarvie and their fellow teammates are looking forward to what they can bring to the JV team this year.


Team’s Strengths/Weaknesses: “The strength of the JV will be good attitudes and enjoyment of playing and learning.  Weakness could be shooting. Strength of the Varsity should be rebounding. Weakness could be outside shooting, but I hope not,” – Coach Jarvie.


“Personally, I need to learn the plays a little better and just work on being alert mentally the whole time,” – senior, Caroline Miota.


“My team’s strength would probably have to be our experience playing with each other and our biggest weakness throughout the season will probably be learning all the plays,” – sophomore, Maggie Tidey.


“There’s already been a lot more work for conditioning on JV compared to eighth grade and the teams will be more rough to play against, but it should be easy to get used to it,” – freshman, Holly Starr.

Player’s Favorite Part about Basketball: “I can’t believe this is my final year and I’m really excited because we’re gonna be good, but at the same time it is sad because it is my last one. I’m probably looking forward to winning the most,” – senior, Caroline Miota.


“My favorite thing about basketball is the conditioning.  Getting in shape every year is always a challenge, but it does make me feel good and healthy.  With a new group of girls this year I think it will be a fun season to play and a great learning experience for all of us,” – junior, Emily Lage.

“My favorite part about playing basketball at LMC is playing eleven-man break during practices,” – sophomore, Maggie Tidey.

“It feels pretty good to be a freshman and there’s a lot more work so far, but it should be a fun season,” – freshman, Holly Starr.