Lake Michigan Catholic Annual Sophomore Retreat


Tim Kessler

ROSE CENTER – Every year at LMCHS each grade has their own retreat where they have a whole school day to focus on their morality and their faith. This year, the sophomores talked about what it means to be Catholic and how to grow in their faith.

The NET Team, which is a group of Catholic missionaries who travel to schools around the country to help students practice their faith, hosted this years retreat with the sophomores. Although the NET team may seem like just a group of college kids, their knowledge of the faith is very extensive.

The retreat was planned out perfectly, first we attended Mass which was then followed by a breakfast provided by Mr. Mansfield, head chef at LMC high school. After we were well fed the NET team introduced themselves and we got started.

They first spoke about what it means to be a Catholic and how we can practice our faith to its fullest. Also one of the members talked about the Sacraments, specifically their purpose in our lives.

Many of the students enjoy the retreat not just because they get to miss out on school, but also because it’s a time for spiritual growth.

The NET team consists of eight members, four boys and four girls. They then broke into two groups splitting the genders; the boys stayed in the main room and the girls went to a different area.

The rest of the day was basically about the Sacraments and how to deal with religious struggles during a high schoolers life.

The last two hours of our day took place in the church where we had confessions. Overall I think it was a good experience, but not really an enjoyable one.