Eat, Pray, Retreat

Eat, Pray, Retreat

Diego Nerio

Rose Center On October 23, 2018 The Freshman Class went on a retreat that was hosted by the NET Team. The NET Team is an organization that helps young men and women to live a more religious life and  improve their relationship with God.

At the beginning of the day we met at the Rose Center and went to the 8 o’clock daily Mass at St. Joseph Parish.

Once we were done with the mass we went back to the Rose Center and ate breakfast which is the most important meal of the day according to the NET Team because It gives us plenty of energy until lunch

After breakfast we were separated into groups called small talk. In small talk we talk about our prayer life or the topic we just got finished discussing.

After small talk the girls went into the youth room and the boys stayed in the main room.

The guys talked about what makes a man a good husband or child of God. We also talked about brotherhood. They told us to care of each other through our high school career

After we were done talking about that we played a game called bacon. The purpose of the game was to work as a team to capture the bacon/plunger. They separated us into two teams and each team had to retrieve the bacon. For an example I grabbed the bacon and threw it to Jackson jollay.

Then it was time for lunch and we were all very excited because there was food and a mini skit by the team. The skit was funny and entertaining overall.

After lunch we talked about the Holy Bible and started to read Scripture. We all sat in a circle and talked about what we learned from the readings.

When it was time to go we played one last game. Your partner had to guide you through a paper minefield while people are yelling random things.

We all had a great experience  and we thank the NET Team for making it a fun retreat.